It takes more than a destination, cool van and a guide with reasonable English to enjoy your tour…
In fact, a great tour is so much more: it involves a careful balance of breathtaking views and extensive knowledge; exhilarating emotional peaks and captivating conversation; enthusiastic exclamations and serene breaks. More than anything else, a successful tour requires striking the right chemistry between people. 
That said, allow me to introduce myself: Yuval Dotan, an Israeli tour guide, licensed by Israel's Ministry of Tourism and an expert on guiding tours for international audiences. I offer in-depth geographic tours to a range of destinations in all five continents of our planet. I consider myself as one of the fortunate people whose love for their work keeps growing by the day, for over twenty years now.
Even after guiding groups in 60 different counties, Israel – my homeland – remains my utmost passion and admittedly one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Despite its small size, Israel offers experiences, excitement and varied landscapes that could suffice for an entire continent: it is ancient yet modern, holy and secular, upbeat, lively and hospitable, diversified and complex in almost any aspect, be it geographical or social. It provides an intriguing urban experience for the visitors in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and magnificence in its fast-changing landscapes: the Galilee, the Golan Heights, the desert and the Dead Sea. All of these attractions are just a short ride away at unprecedented weather.
My love for Israel and my guiding experience date back to my youth, when I walked the trails of the Holy Land as an instructor in a youth movement and later as an IDF officer. Those trails formed an inseparable part of my life during university years too (BA in social science and Master's degrees in Business Administration and in Neuroscience). I am confident that my areas of interest – neuroscience, music and chess as well as geography, history, anthropology and archaeology – add depth and richness to the tours I guide. Nonetheless, the experience I accumulated in my global travel allows me to shed a light on Israel from different angles, global perspective and multicultural lens, as well as from the personal angle associated with the culture and land my clients come from.
On top of providing guided tours for groups, I help individual and independent travelers plan their custom tours, making sure all aspects are covered to their utmost satisfaction: accommodation, in-land travel, meals and coordination of visits to the various sites. After all, whether you travel together or alone, in a group or on your own, there is nothing like a carefully-planned tour to maximize your  enjoyment and benefit from your visit to Israel.